Crysis 2 Performing Better on the PS3 According to Developer Crytek


Crytek’s studio business development boss Carl Jones has stated that the team behind Crysis 2 have been getting more out of the Playstation 3 version of the game than what they have so far with the Xbox 360 version. Also another thing that was mentioned was how the team were finding the development side of things for the PS3 version as various developers in the past have claimed that Sony’s machine was hard to develop for compared to that of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 but this wasnt the case with the development of Crysis 2 it seems.

“We haven’t found it more difficult to develop for PS3,” he told CVG sister magazine PSM3.

“We’re lucky in the fact that we’ve come to the generation slightly later than other people – the ones who were trying to build the first technology and games were surprised at how different the PS3 was. We took our time and worked out the right way to approach it.

“At the moment, we’re getting slightly more performance from PS3 compared to 360. I’m very confident that products using CryEngine 3 are going to come out as the best looking, or at least in the top three, on every platform.”

Click here for the official Crysis 2 Trailer we posted about a few days ago.

Thanks to CVG for the article which can be found by clicking here.

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