Crysis 3 Confirmed By EA's Origin Listing


It would seem like a Crysis 3 announcement is imminent, as EA jumped the gun a little bit and confirmed the existence of the game via a listing on their Origin service.

The listing, which has now been taken down, comes complete with what is probably the game’s box art image, showing Crysis 3’s hero wearing the iconic nanosuit and taking aim with a futuristic version of a bow and arrow. The nanosuit wearing hero also seems to be standing in an urban environment, which suggests third entry in the series will have a similar setting to that of Crysis 2.

Both previous Crysis games have been known to push the limits of both consoles and PC, it will be interesting to see what Crytek manage to do with Crysis 3. As always, keep a keen eye on NGB, and we’ll keep you informed on any further developments.

Source: CVG

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