Crysis Hits Consoles With New Launch Trailer


EA have dropped a new trailer onto the net to coincide with the release of Crytek’s PC hit Crysis that is now available on consoles today.

The critically acclaimed FPS is now available on Xbox Live Games on Demand for 1600 Microsoft points and PlayStation Network later on today for £15.99. Included with the game will be improved Nanosuit gamepad controls, full stereoscopic 3D support and ‘fine-tuned’ combat with the visual optimisation of the CryENGINE 3.

Cevat Yerli, Chief Executive Officer of Crytek had the following to say…

We’re really excited to bring the legendary Crysis to gamers who weren’t able to experience it the first time around. The CryENGINE 3 has allowed us to remaster the single-player campaign and make significant advancements to the gameplay. We’ve added a new lighting system, some advanced rendering techniques and most importantly, we’ve optimised the Nanosuit controls to utilise its full potential on a gamepad. We really hope that gamers will enjoy playing the game as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it.


Source: EA

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