Curiosity Should Be Available For Android Later Today!


Earlier today Curiosity was released for iOS.  So far eager beavers for the Android version have been disappointed to see that it is not yet available for them.

Molyneux recently posted on Twitter that the teams working on this crazy idea of a game, are pushing hard to have the Android version up and running today.

“Little surprised at early iOS release BUT team are pushing as hard as they can to get Android out today!!”

Curiosity sounds odd because it is a game in which players simply tap away at a giant cube. What is inside the cube is the point to play this game. Only one player will find out what is at its center. The underlying premise for Curiosity is that Molyneux is using it as the first of 6 experiments that will help develop a future game that 22Cans are working on.

Let us know if you’re playing Curiosity and what you think is inside using the comments section below.

Happy Tapping Gamers!

You know you're a gamer when you live for the smell of a feshly opened game, mmmmmmm yes! I fell in love with games the day I was given a NES which came with Teenage Mutant Nunja Turtles and Mario Bros. Since then my tastes have developed and I'll happily play most genres, but I can tell you that scary games are a no go! I also try to avoid realistic racing titles. It's Mario Kart for the win!


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