Current List Of PS3 Titles That Will Support Playstation Move


Just a little over a week ago, Sony held a huge coming out party for PlayStation Move, their upcoming motion controller peripheral.  SCEA CEO Jack Tretton has gone on record, stating that Sony was working on 20 first party titles, and that 36 third party publishers would also be providing PlayStation Move support when it launched this fall.

Here is the article from our main main, Gari, of when the Playstation Move press release hit, to see that article, click here.

Here is a current list of titles confirmed to support PlayStation Move at launch:

Third Party:
EA Sports Active 2.0
Tiger Woods 2011
LOTR Aragorn’s Quest
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

First Party:
The Shoot
Move Party
Motion Fighter
Sports Champion
TV SuperStars
Eccentric Slider
Ape Escape
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Under Siege
Eye Pet
High Velocity Bowling
Hustle Kings
Echochrome 2

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