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D-Pad Or Analogue?


This is a subject that has been talked about for many years, and with it seems exclusive to 2D fighting games and PES. Throughout the PS2 era a majority of PES fans became accustomed to using the d-pad, especially those who started off playing the series on the first PlayStation. With us now a generation ahead, should the argument between control preferences still exist? 

Take the FIFA series on next-gen. The focus is certainly on using the analogue stick, and with it comes incredible control and precision. I can’t imagine many, if any, players wishing they could use the d-pad in FIFA 09 for example. Compare that to PES on next-gen, and the landscape is totally different. Many players have embraced the analogue control, while purists (like myself) insist on using the d-pad. It’s not just through years of getting used to it, I also find it to be more accurate and responsive than using the analogue stick.

The main point of this discussion however is whether it’s a good thing that PES accommodates both control types. Surely if the game was more enjoyable using the analogue for all concerned, the game would no doubt be technically better than what we have seen thus far. Due to the rigidness of the way PES plays, using d-pad is still a viable control method.

Could using the analogue stick as the primary control method free up the game and make it better in the long run? After years of using the d-pad, would you welcome such a decision?

Let us know your thoughts on the boards.

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