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I’m not saying it was Aliens

Aven Colony

Aven Colony tasks players colonise alien Worlds in an attempt to secure humanity’s fate and future. At its heart, Aven Colony is a city-building game, focused heavily on strategy, set in the wondrous unexplored worlds of the universe. The game has been in beta on PC since September last year but a console version is also coming, very soon in fact.

The console version has been heavily reworked to ensure that the complex strategised gameplay translates perfectly onto a controller. The main interface has been reconstructed into a radial menu, similar to what you’d see on some FPS’ when selecting weapons, and allows console players to quickly and efficiently manage their colonies.

Aven Colony will be releasing on July 25th for PS4 and Xbox One and pre-orders are available now and doing so will snag you a sandbox map pre-order bonus.


Games with Gold

Next month’s Games with Gold lineup has been announced and falls very much on the smaller indie style games for Xbox One. Grow Up, Ubisoft’s sequel to Grow Home will be available to download for Xbox One users on July 1st and will hang around till the end of the month. On July 16th Runbow will join the party on Xbox One. Runbow is a racing/platformer game focused on multiplayer and started its life on the Wii U, should be a good one for online play.

The two 360 titles this round couldn’t be more opposite to one another if they tried. Kane and Lynch 2 will surface on July 1st and be available to download through to the 15th. At which point it will be replaced by LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Not a bad collection of games but nothing outstanding. Both 360 games will be playable on the Xbox One too.


Somerville and Jumpship

Somerville is a brand new game created by a newly formed studio called Jumpship. What’s exciting about these two things, I hear you ask. Well. Jumpship is co-founded by Playdead’s Ex-CEO, Dino Patti. Playdead, of course, are renowned for making two incredible games; Limbo and Inside. The other chap manning the brig is Chris Olsen, someone who I’ve been following on Twitter for a while, and who has floored me with some incredible gaming tidbits over the last year or so. Turns out those tidbits have formed into Somerville.

So far we’ve only got a teaser but my God it already looks incredible and has done more than enough to further pique my interest. As I said, over the last year or so I’ve kept my beady eye on Chris and the work he’s been showing off looks equally as great. The animation is on point, the style of the game looks awesome and I bloody love a good alien mystery. This is definitely one to keep an eye on. You can find out a little bit more about the game and studio here: Somerville Game and of course check out the teaser below.



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