Daily Gaming News – Destiny 2 beta, Splatoon 2, Crash Bandicoot DLC


It’s the weekend!!

Destiny 2 public beta

The Destiny 2 beta has been running for a couple of days now, unlocked exclusively for those that pre-ordered the game. However, from this evening the beta is going public. The beta will be available to the public from 6 pm tonight and will be playable until 5 am Monday morning when it closes for everyone.

Largely the Destiny 2 beta has been receiving a lot of positive feedback but there have been a couple of causes for concern. The lack of power ammo drops in PvE is one the major bugbears of players but fret not. Bungie have already addressed this issue because, you know, it’s a beta and not the finished game.

Check out our latest Destiny 2 beta footage here:


Splatoon 2 launch day


Splatoon 2 has been released on the Nintendo Switch today! Happy times!

Splatoon 2 is the follow-up to Nintendo’s entry into the shooter arena, minus the gratuitous violence or slew of zombies. The first game was greatly received although sales were marred slightly by the lack of overall sales of the Wii U. That, fortunately, didn’t halt any plans for a sequel. Over the last month or so Nintendo have ran a few short-burst demo events over the weekends, allowing players to get a taste for the game. The global test fire, as expected, showed off a small slice of what to expect from the full game and from the response on social media it looks like it certainly did its job of building up the hype.

Launching alongside Splatoon 2 is the new Nintendo Switch Online app. The main reasoning behind the app is to allow voice chat through the Switch’s games, although you’ll need a masters degree in engineering should you want to set this up. The app does feature some pretty cool features for Splatoon 2, however. There’s a whole bunch of data including match statistics, upcoming events and rotations alongside a shop for unique in-game items. Splatoon 2 is available to purchase now on the Nintendo Switch for around £50.

Crash gets DLC/more difficult

The one thing you’ve probably gathered from the myriad of comments online regarding the new Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy is that it’s f*cking very difficult. It was announced earlier this week that in fact the remaster is legitimately more difficult than the original game. This is down to the new physics engine which adjusts character hitboxes and changes the velocity of Crash’s jumping.

Whilst Crash is difficult now there was, in fact, a level deemed too difficult in the original game that the developer’s decided to remove it prior to release. Stormy Ascent was set to be the penultimate level of Crash Bandicoot and introduced a bunch of new enemies and obstacles. The developers decided that the level was too hard for the average gamer and removed it from the list of levels. It did, however, reside on the disc and could be accessed using a GameShark. Well, good news. This incredibly difficult level is now available to download on Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, you know, the version of the game that’s officially more difficult than the original…

If Crash Bandicoot hasn’t already cost you a controller or twelve you can download the new level now and attempt to complete it. You can also snag two trophies from the new level.

  • The Crown Jewel (Silver)  – Get the gem on Stormy Ascent (collect all boxes)
  • An Ancient Antiquity (Gold) – Get the gold relic (time trial)

The Stormy Ascent DLC is free for 30-days so remember to snag it before it’s too late.

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