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E3 2017 waves goodbye

It was E3 last week and we’re still trying to digest all the news that was posted during the event. Fortunately, though, we have done a handy write up of all the main press conferences of last week. If by some weird chance, you missed the main announcements last week here are some handy writeups for your to peruse.


Rumours were a rumbling that a new Atari console was being built and in a weird shift of events, Atari has confirmed the rumours. Very little is known about the box yet, will it play retro originals, remasters, completely new games? So many questions. We don’t even have a name yet although the website makes us believe it will be called the Ataribox. All we’ve got at the moment is a website: ataribox.com and a 20-second video (seen below). I can only assume that the video is showcasing closeups of the console’s exterior and if that is the case it’s looking retro and fleek. Fleek is a thing all the cool kids say, right?


Killer Instinct heading to Steam

Killer Instinct will be releasing on Steam sometime later this year. Previously locked to Xbox One and Windows 10 Killer Instinct has been a pretty decent success with a fair amount of post-release content support to boot. The announcement dropped on Twitter last night, although I get the feeling this probably shouldn’t have been mentioned yet. Regardless, it’s legit. It’s coming to steam at some point for some price.

Pokémon GO update

Yep, it’s still alive. Pokémon GO made life a little more bearable last year and whilst there have been frequent updates the core game still feels bereft of gameplay. Undeterred, however, Niantic are in the process of rolling out a brand new update which affects the Pokégyms dotted around the world. The update will see a change in how you interact with the gyms. You’ll now be able to spin the little disc above the gyms to collect items, as you would with the Pokéstops. Gyms will now house a fixed 6 Pokémon and there can be no duplicates. Gone soon are the days of a million Lapras manning the station. You’ll also need to keep revisting the gym’s to feed your Pokémon with berries else their motivation will deplete and you’ll lose your spot in the defensive lineup.

This update is laying grounds for a brand new co-op mode coming soon – raids. Raids will allow you to party with other players to take on bosses at the gym locations. During a raid all Pokémon will retreat from the gym, replaced by a giant egg. After a short period the egg will hatch, showing the boss you need to fight. Upon defeating the boss you’ll get your hands on some special items such as; rare candies and berries.

You can check out more info over at the Pokémon GO website

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