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Beyond Good and Evil 2 in-engine gameplay

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was finally announced at E3 last week and whilst the pre-rendered trailer looked awesome there was a lack of any tangible gameplay. Alas, Ubisoft has released a developer video on YouTube showing off the in-game engine. It’s worth noting that this isn’t actual gameplay. As noted by Michel at the start of the video, this is more of a game/engine showcase. Still, it’s as close to gameplay as we’ll be getting in the immediate future. The tech shown off in the video is incredibly impressive and focuses heavily on scale, from the tiniest detail to the whole shebang. I’ll not ruin the video because it genuinely impressed me, all I will say is, “No Man’s Sky, much?”


Metroid: Samus Returns Legacy Edition

Samus returns to the 3DS this September in the aptly titled – Metroid: Samus Returns. The game, debuted at E3 last week, sets to return Metroid to its side-scrolling roots albeit with a 3D twist and overhauled visuals. As if the game wasn’t enticing enough there has been an announced Legacy Edition which looks too good to pass up on. The Legacy Edition comes bundled with an art book, a 25-year anniversary disc, a pin badge, a version of the original game as a download, a cool-looking keyring in the shape of Samus’ balled-up (pretty sure that’s the correct term) all bundled into an awesome Game Boy style SteelBook.

Titanfall 2 update

I’ve said it time and time again but it’s a damn shame that Titanfall 2 didn’t match, or indeed succeed, the success of the first game. Fundamentally Respawn Entertainment has done everything right. The campaign was incredible and the bulk of DLC is free. Talking of which, there’s a new free update for Titanfall 2 dropping next week. The update, titled War Games, includes two new maps: War Games and Traffic. War Games featured in the original game’s DLC and was a personal favourite of mine, in case you were wondering. There will also be a new a game mode – Free Agents and a couple of other bits and pieces including a 3rd weapon slot and new execution.

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