Daily Gaming News – Need for Speed Payback, Star Wars Battlefront II, FIFA 18 & Pokémon


Spoiler alert

Need for Speed Payback

A new Need for Speed announcement trailer was released at the tail end of last week showcasing the brand new – Need for Speed Payback. Need for Speed took a break last year, following the rebooted game released the year prior. It’s safe to say that the reboot didn’t quite make the impact EA had hope but it was thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. Payback, however, looks to drift away from the reboot and drive more toward a blockbuster action title. Judging from the trailer it also looks like the live FMV, which I personally quite liked, is being dropped in favour of in-game cutscenes. The trailer also paints Payback as a story-heavy game, something that isn’t often found in racing games. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and whether there will be any Need for Speed The Run quick time events popping up.


Star Wars Battlefront II

Want to see more Star Wars Battlefront II gameplay? Of course, you do! Well, there isn’t long to wait. EA have announced a gameplay livestream at the end of this week, June 10th, and they’re showing off Theed! This is going to be great for a number of reasons. First – we haven’t really seen any gameplay yet so it will be cool to check out how the game is running. It should also give us a bit of an insight into the new features of the game, such as class customisation. Secondly, it’s Theed. Say what you like about the Star Wars prequels but the whole droid/clone thing was incredibly cool and the vehicles/ships were suhweet. It’s also been announced that Darth Maul will be making an appearance on the stream so yeah. I’m hyped!


I promise this post is not sponsored by EA, they’ve just been really busy. A trailer for FIFA 18 has been released showcasing the game in all its glory. As with last year, the game is built on DICE’s Frostbite engine and it’s still looking great. The trailer, albeit short, is heavily focused on Ronaldo and features a montage of action shots rather than actual gameplay. It also looks like EA have dropped the Xbox/FIFA relationship in favour of a PS4/FIFA one. As expected we’ll see more of this at EA Play this weekend.


Pokémon Direct

A new Nintendo Direct will be held tomorrow but this one’s different. It’s a Pokémon Direct. As expected nothing has been announced because that’s kind of the point of the Direct. The Pokémon Direct is reported to last only 8 minutes which leads me to believe this will be a little teaser to build up hype for E3. The logical thing to do now is to convince yourself that this is going to be a brand new, fully 3D, open-world Pokémon game coming to Switch and bathe in the disappointment tomorrow.



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