Daily Gaming News – Pokkén Tournament DX, Hellblade & Precious PS4's


Hellblade, more like Hella Cheap

Pokkén Tournament

Pokémon Direct happened and the result is a remaster of Wii U title, Pokkén Tournament. Pokkén Tournament Deluxe will be released on 22nd September for Nintendo Switch and includes a number of changes. Players will be able to make use of the Joycons to play multiplayer on the same console. There will also be some slight visual upgrades alongside new characters and game modes. Whilst it’s not quite the release we’d hoped for more games for the Switch is always good news.


Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon have also been confirmed as 3DS games. No Switch version here. There was an admin error on the Nintendo website today that labelled the two handheld Pokémon games as being released on the Switch but this has since been rectified and debunked. Whether this was a genuine error or something that Nintendo wanted to announce next week is unknown but I guess we’ll find out sooner or later. My assumption is a genuine admin error.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

It seems like forever ago since Hellblade was first announced but we’ve finally got a release date – August 8th. Not only that but a price has also been announced and it’s a cheap one. The game will be selling for £24.99 ($29.99) and will be digital only. Why the price point? Well. Ninja Theory has released a statement on the game. Hellblade is considered an experimental game, half the length of a AAA title, whilst matching the quality you’d expect from a AAA title. It’s being advertised as a “medium” game, hence the price. The game itself is looking incredible and I’m personally all for a shorter refined experience.

Playstation 4 Gold and Silver consoles and deals

Ever thought your console isn’t bling enough? Sony has got your back. From the end of this month, you’ll be able to pick up 500GB Gold & Silver PS4’s in Europe. However, starting next week the consoles will be available for a limited time in the US including a 1TB HDD. There is also going to be a sale running throughout the week for other bits of hardware, again this appears to be exclusive to US customers.

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