Daily Gaming News – Project CARS 2 & The End is Nigh


Any vroom for more platformers?

Project CARS 2 release date

A release date for Project CARS 2 has finally been announced – 22nd September 2017. Alongside the announcement is a new E3 trailer and, quite frankly, the same looks sublime. Slightly Mad Studios are pulling out all the stops with it comes to Project CARS 2. The game features a greater roster of real-world racing tracks, more cars and dynamic time of day and weather, including snow!


The End is Nigh

No, this isn’t a reference to the General Election taking place today (btw, if you haven’t voted yet get to it!). The End is Nigh is Ed McMillen’s new game. Ed McMillen is co-creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac which in itself elevates The End is Nigh on the “must have” list. Similar to Super Meat Boy, TEiN is a platformer which looks like it’ll keep kicking you until you rage and throw a controller at the wall. But, it makes it that ever sweeter when you actually complete a level.

The game will feature 600+ stages with 20 or minibosses, so it’s certainly not a small title. The game will be available and Steam, July 12th with a Switch port already planned. Although not planned yet, The End is Nigh could be heading to other consoles following its release.



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