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Don’t get your headset in a twist

Shadow of War delayed

I’ve got some bad news for fans of the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War game. It’s been delayed until 10th Oct. In a post on the official forums today Community Manager, Andy, announced the delay explaining that more time is needed in order to deliver the quality of game the team are happy with. As with all these delays it’s bittersweet but ultimately we’ll be getting a better game from it and it’s still coming this year. Rest assured that we’ll see more of the game at E3, though.

Nintendo Switch headset is… well.

A brand-new gaming headset for the Nintendo Switch will be released this summer, alongside Splatoon 2. The third-party peripheral is created by Hori, a Japanese company that have already released other bits and pieces for the Switch, and the hardware itself looks really impressive. The problem, however, comes with its use.

The Switch doesn’t have a native solution for voice comms so all communication has to be routed through your phone. The headset comes with a junction box which connects to both your phone and the Switch, transferring audio between the two devices allowing you to hear the game and talk to whoever is on the other end of the line. It’s definitely not the most gracious solution but at the moment it looks like the only way to run a headset on the Switch is via this method.

Free Games (subscription required)

It’s that time again. The for free games. Both Games with Gold and PS Plus free games line-up have been announced and the winner this month is the gamer. *bokes*

PS Plus line-up

Some crackers for Playstation fans this week.

PS4 players will be able to download Life is Strange and Killing Floor 2. Life is Strange, the 5-part episodic adventure game is often referred to as “must play” by those who have played it. Countless people have begged me to give it ago and now I’ve got no excuse. Killing Floor 2, on the other hand, is a balls-out co-op FPS which also harnessed great praise when it was released last year. For PS3 you’ll be able to download Abyss Odyssey, not to be confused with Abe’s Odyssey, which is a roguelike action adventure game. WRC 5 is also available on PS3 should you like your games a little more vroomy. Vita fans also get a treat in the form or two games; Neon Chrome and Spy Chameleon, each of which can be played on PS4 with cross-buy.

Xbox Games with Gold and Game Pass

Assassin’s Creed 3 and Speedrunners are available to download today, too, followed by Watch Dogs and Dragon Age later on in the month. Also released today is Xbox Game Pass which lets you play any game from a library of over 100 for £7.99 a month. Gold members should still be able to redeem their 14-day trials too. Free games for everyone!

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