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Dare To Compare?


A little late to the party, as PESFan have already done a fantastic article that echoes my thoughts (Check it out here). Because of their finger on the trigger, I’ve refined my post, but make sure you check out the comparisons after the jump!

Something that Konami spoke about to us last week was how the images were supposed to be direct comparisons with PES 2009, and from the screens above you can see how similar they are. Whether that was a good decision or not is debatable, but the difference in quality is clear. Besides the obvious graphical upgrade, you can see new levels of articulation in the players movement, although they still seem to stem from the same base movement.

Something that perhaps is more surprising is the fact the graphical fidelity of the title now has surpassed FIFA 10. check out this pic comparing the two:

From the faces, kit details, textures and player models Konami have certainly stunned both me and Suff. Even the crowd look incredible! To go from a poor looking nextgen game to the best looking football title is no mean feat, and shouldn’t be dismissed quickly.

With the visuals certainly on the button this year, it means nothing if it moves as awkward and rigidly as PES 2009. The trailer has left many bemused, but if they can match the quality of the graphics with the movement, we’ll be in for a monster title this year.

Let us know what you think of the screens and comparisons by clicking here!

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