Dark Souls II To Include Community Inspired Content


Namco Bandai have today revealed that the much anticipated Dark Souls II will also include content that has been inspired by creations by the community.

Those who entered the Shield Design Contest last year over at the official Facebook page may be in luck as developer FromSoftware have selected 6 original designs of shield created by the Dark Souls community in order to integrate them in the game. This extra content has been adapted from the original designs to blend in the Dark Souls II aesthetic and become part of Drangleic, the mysterious fallen kingdom where the game’s story unfolds.

The selected designers, who will also receive a Collector’s Edition of the game are:

  • Denis “DasHurz” Bachmaier
  • Charles Collier
  • Illim
  • Gabriel Verdon
  • Alexandre Etiennes Jonathan Du Cass

If that’s not enough, each of them will receive a real shield based on their design, created by the blacksmiths of Armdia, a company specialized in the creation of medieval weapons and accessories.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts and if your looking forward to Dark Souls II via the comment section below.

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