Darksiders 2 Dev States PS3 "a pain in the ass to work on"


Marvin Donald, Game Director for Darksiders 2, has stated that the PlayStation 3 is “a pain in the ass to work on”.

“Five years later, getting used to it? That means it’s a pain in the ass” stated Donald to Eurogamer.

“I’m not an engineer, but I hear about it all the time. We have to do wacky stuff with the way we manage memory.”

Donald ellaborated on the memory managment issue by saying that there are “some things you just can’t do, or you have to do differently” when developing for the PlayStation 3.

“Even as an artist, it’s like, OK, my textures are too big, I’m in trouble because I checked in something that’s making the 360 crash because it’s a 20×48 when it really should just be a 10×24, or even smaller.” said Donald

“But on the PlayStation 3, the assets go into different categories, and if one of those categories becomes too bloated it’ll crash the system. It’s a little bit more sensitive on the PS3 in that regard. There are some things you just can’t do, or you have to do differently. Yeah, it’s a pain.”

With rumours of the PlayStation 4 flying around, Donald is finally asked if he thinks Sony’s next console will make it any easier to develop games. His response was the following:

“They have to do things their way. Somebody over there is going to think it’s better. And it’s really just different, which makes it a pain for everyone to port games back and forth. But, whatever. We’ll see.”

Harsh words there from a developer working on one of the most highly anticipated titles of 2012.

Surely the majority of developers who work on multi-format games are used to the “unique” architecture of Sony’s console by now, or is it a case of them keeping quiet and working through the so-called barriers? Either way, it would be interesting to know if this is still the general consensus amongst multi-format developers, five years after the PlayStation 3 was originally launched.

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