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Data Update Now Available


As most people will now be aware, the January transfer window data update was released around midnight today! Hopefully lots of people will find that the suggestions they submitted through our online form have been applied into the game (it would be great if you guys could leave comments about that). For those who don’t have it and are not sure how to get it, here’s some information for you.

Firstly, it’s not classed as a title update, so you do not get a pop-up prompting you to download it when you start the game – you have to manually download it. I’ve put together some brief instructions on how to obtain it and use it below:

For Offline Use (Manager Mode etc.)

The only way that we know of to download the updated squad file for offline use is by updating your Adidas Live Season data. For that you simply go to the Adidas Live Season menu and select the “Download Latest Update” option – once this saves you will then have the latest squad file for offline use.

Obviously the Adidas Live Season data updates cost money, but you get one league free using the code on the back of your FIFA 09 manual (it’s surprising how many people don’t realise it’s there), so all you have to do is enter that code and activate your chosen free league. Once you’ve done that you can download the updated squad file (and if you don’t like the features of Adidas Live Season they can all be turned off in the main options).

For Online Use

To get the squad file for online use is as easy as pie; just start an online game (such as “Quick Ranked Match”), or create a new BAP session or something similar. The servers will automatically check to see if you have the new squad file, and if not it will ask you to download the new one. Once downloaded and saved to your storage device you’re good to go.

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