David Cage Talks Beyond & Issues Challenge to Spielberg/Lucas


David Cage is fondly fought of in the gaming world, creating fantastic experiences with Heavy Rain and the recent Beyond: Two Souls with his team, Quantic Dream.

Today, we have three new videos to share with you, courtesy of BAFTA where he talks about the following things:

  • Quantic Dream is all about giving gamers what they don’t expect.
  • Video games: ‘the most exciting evolution in story telling since films were invented’?
  • The benefit of ‘interactive storytelling’ – and seeing something in failure that you would have missed in success.
  • Contextual Actions: A less limited approach.
  • The role he wants gamers to play: helping to make critical successes’ into commercial successes’.
  • Why creativity is with the Indies… and the need for a better blend between big budget, risk adverse major studios, and Indies that must create original/different content to get attention; that imagine the future.
  • An interactive version of Shakespeare? Spielberg and Lucas… Bring it on!!!

Enjoy the videos and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.




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