David Jaffe Critisises Modern Warfare 2's Storyline as Being "disjointed"


Legendary video game designer and the guy that bought us the Twisted Metal series and also God of War, David Jaffe has expressed his views on the storyline of 2009’s biggest title, Modern Warfare 2. Jaffe states that he did enjoy the blockbuster from the Infinity Ward team but felt that the story “felt very disjointed”. His comments refer to the controversial level in the title, ‘No Russian’ in which players work alongside a terrorist cell led by Vladimir Makarov and then witness unarmed civilians being butchered. Although he does state that he feels the level was “very cool and justified” but the overall storyline was too far fetched –

“Man, it never occured to me those were the bad guys in the overall story. I really liked MW2 but the story felt very disjointed in that way. I didn’t really even follow what the story was,” Stated Jaffe.

To see the full article, here. Thanks to thelostgamer.com for the heads up.

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