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David Reeves "Stuck To" PES


Just a quick fire post regarding an interview Eurogamer had with departing SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) President David Reeves. He was asked for questions regarding his game playing habits, and admitted he was PES fan. Here’s a snippet:

Eurogamer: Presumably you have one though. I imagine it’s got pride of place in your living room next to an enormous Sony television. What’s in the disc drive these days?

David Reeves: I’ve been playing all the Pro Evolution Soccer games with my neighbours.

Eurogamer: Not FIFA then? You haven’t switched?

David Reeves: I have to say – and I shouldn’t really say it, because someone from EA’s going to read this – but I guess I played Pro Evo from a way back and I’m stuck to it. The neighbours like it as well!

Say it loud and say it proud! 😉 Read the full interview here.

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