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Daymos 360 NPower & Bundesliga OF Released


Big thanks to Only Pro Evolutions for the heads up on this exclusive for their blog.

Daymos V3 Elite Npower & Bundesliga Option File is now up for download on the Only Pro Evolutions blog in what is something of an exclusive for the hard working folks over there. Daymos work on 360 is held in high regard amongst the community and this latest OF of his is as complete file as any PES player would want.

Two versions are available, with Version A being Championship based and Version B containing more of a focus on Bundesliga.

With the recent squad update now with us, I would advise taking note of this little piece of advice offered by OPE/Daymos :

If you select “apply konami changes” then all squads will be reduced to 23 players and you will have to spend hours correcting”. Click “no” when you are prompted, to retain the huge squads Daymos has created.

The guys have also linked up a handy installation tutorial on their main page as well.

Thanks again to Only Pro Evolutions and of course Daymos for this latest labour of love. Enjoy!

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