DC Universe Online Gets 34th Update


ProSiebenSat.1 Games and Sony Online Entertainment have today announced the release of one of the most highly-anticipated updates for DC Universe Online.

This new update, which is the 34th, allows players to access the aura of the Green Lantern Corps, adds the ability to unlock heroic deeds, revised sorcery pets, and a whole array of high-level equipment and other improvements.

New heroic deeds features certainly brings heroism on the rise in DC Universe Online, and this new system allows players to use Replay Badges to activate heroic deeds that they have already earned for their other characters. Players will be able to earn skill points faster using multiple characters with the new system, allowing them to level up more easily.

Players will also be able to obtain the Green Lantern’s Green Aura for their character. Players will find this aura in the Promethium Lockbox. In the Lantern Corps’ Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum, the color green represents willpower. Only fighters with an indomitable will can control the Green Aura, and with its help, be able to confront their greatest fear.

This new update also focuses on PvP players, as it comes introducing the new Capture & Hold map “The Moon”. The new 5v5 map is available to both legend PvPs and arena PvPs, and promises exciting battles. The update also contains five new BOUNTY and WANTED missions for heroes and villains from the current DLC expansion “War of the Light – Part 1”. All heroes and villains can look forward to even more thrilling fights in the new missions.

The visuals ave also been improved, with greater effects. Be sure to keep an eye out on the “Guardian” and “Fury”, which are both visually two of the best visual pets in the game. If this update wasn’t huge enough already, the new update gives new items for those who own high-level equipment. Players can simply purchase these pieces of equipment with the Marks of Triumph they have earned to complete their equipment sets. The new objects comprise rare necklaces and rings, breakout trinkets and weapons from all 11 weapon types. New Map markings have also been added into the game.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this huge update via the comment section below.

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