DC Universe Online Reveals The Joker


Here is an article for like myself, all DC Comic fans; DC Universe Online, has revealed The Joker!

In addition to opening beta registration and pre-orders,DC Universe Online has released new assets for the Joker today.

The iconic villain from the Batman series has a delightfully wicked grin, with yellowed teeth that inspire no confidence in his sickly plans.

SOE describes the Joker thusly:

The Clown Prince of Crime is a warped psychopath who inspires chaos. Despite multiple confinements in Gotham City’s infamous Arkham Asylum, he remains gleefully insane – and determined to torment Batman by any means possible.

The Joker is Batman’s antithesis, a force of fear and chaos directed against Batman’s fight for safety and order. His weapons include Joker toxin, pistols, and nuclear warheads, all expressions of his sick enjoyment of pain and fear. And now he has a new gang: a generation of tech villains who reject Batman’s quest for order in favor of diabolical madness.

The Joker’s fellow villains fear him almost as much as Gotham City’s citizens do. He is unpredictable, manic, bloodthirsty, and capable of twisting even the sanest minds to his warped plans.

No one knows if he was ever sane, perhaps not even The Joker himself. One popular story is that he was disguised as a criminal known as the Red Hood when he fell into a toxic vat at the Ace Chemicals plant, which permanently stained his skin and his soul. But the Clown Prince seems to make up new origins to suit his mood.

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