DC Universe Online Sees 700% Growth In Revenue


Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley, yesterday revealed some intriguing numbers and statistics regarding the now free-to-play MMPORG game, DC Universe Online.

Sounding rather pleased with himself via Twitter, Mr. Smedley announced that DCUO had seen an astounding 700% hike in revenue (47% PC / 53% PS3) since the game’s model went free-to-play at the beginning of this month – further evidence that the subscription based model might be seeing it’s last days.

Continuing his tweets, he also reported that ‘more than 85% of daily log-ins are returning players’, ‘DCUO’s playerbase is growing at 6% a day’ and finally, ‘Additional character slots and the Vanguard of the Heavens character skins are the two most popular marketplace items‘. All these announcements follow another one that SOE made earlier in the month telling us that DC Universe Online had hit a million new users since the model switch.

Whilst this is certainly good news for DC Universe online fans, it may well be good news for all fans of the genre too. With such success as a result of the F2P model, many may see it as the better way to go with their MMO’s. The hugely anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic will be adopting the subscription based method but how long will it last? Other games of similar stock such as Lord Of The Rings Online and Warhammer Online have both resorted to adding a F2P model in one way or another to entice players to their worlds.

Let us know your take on the current MMORPG model, would free-to-play games that include optional micro-purchases be more appealing to you than the monthly subscription based model type? The comments section below beckons you.

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