Dead Space 2: No Standard PS3 Edition, Only A Special Edition


Here is in interesting article about Dead Space 2 and the announcement that it will only be available as a special edition –

With the announcement at E3 that Dead Space 2 will see a special edition exclusive to the PS3, including the once Wii exclusive Dead Space: Extraction, fans were left to wonder what the pricing would be and if there would  be other editions of Visceral’s much anticiapted sequel. Well judging by Gamestop’s listing for Dead Space 2, which is up for pre-order, it seems that fans looking to play Isaac’s latest on the PS3 will only have the special edition as a purchasing option, but that’s not bad at all seeing as how the price is equivalent to any other full priced retail release: $59.99 usd.

So yeah no standard edition for PS3 owners , EA seems to be taking a move akin to the ps3 release of Dante’s Inferno , where the ‘divine edition’ was exclusive to the PS3. Visceral sure loves them some Sony.

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