Dead Space 3 To Have Drop In, Drop Out Co-op?


Although the game has yet to be officially announced, speculation is today rife that Dead Space 3 will feature drop in, drop out co-op.

The information comes courtesy of an IGN source, stating that a second survivor will be able to join protagonist Isaac Clarke to battle enemies and solve puzzles.

IGN’s source describes the second character as “a man with a gnarly scar on his face” equipped with the now the iconic engineering RIG. The character is also said to have “glowing red eyes”. Interesting.

The story will apparently change to accommodate the second player, information that has us rather intrigued. For example, Isaac won’t experience certain hallucinations and traumatic events with a second player present. On the gameplay side of things, you’ll be able to work together, using abilities such as telekinesis to interact with the environment.  You’ll also have the ability to share ammo and heal your co-op partner (no revive system).

Apparently EA will be making some other changes to the game too. These include things such as tweaked alternative fire on weapons, the design of Isaac’s RIG, the ability to crouch behind smaller objects and dive roll. The latter is most interesting, as it could change the feel of the gameplay entirely depending on how it is implemented.

What do you think about these rumoured changes to Dead Space 3? Will co-op ruin the eerie atmosphere of that was present in the first two games? Let us know via the comments section below.

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