Deadlight Developer Diary Part 1 – '80's Setting'


Indie developer, Tequlia Works has released the first dev diary for the up and coming Xbox Live Arcade title, Deadlight.

The game is set around an 80’s theme and in the first developer diary below, the development team explain why the 80’s and zombies are a match made in heaven and why they had to choose the 80’s as the games time frame. The team also discuses the influences and inspirations that they had for the game through various other forms of media that occurred during the 1980’s, Be it film or books. Deadlight takes place in an apocalyptic United States. The game follows a man trying to traverse the country’s west coast and is touted as a puzzle title in the very similar style to another XBLA release, Braid. Deadlight is released exclusively on the Xbox 360 through Xbox Live Arcade this summer.


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