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Dealing With Rage Quitting


The “rage quit” is a problem for a lot of online games these days and its an entirely user created problem. But that doesn’t mean publishers can’t do more to minimise its impact on the honest gamer. Publishing regular quitters DNF doesn’t stop them and neither does limiting the skill points they can accumulate so how can EA themselves deal with rage quitting better?

In an article recently published by Gamesradar, publisher Capcom think they have the answer to rage quitting for their upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3 slug fest.

“The developer will be keeping an invisible record of players’ connection stats during online bouts. Those who habitually quit out before the end of a match will be marked down and eventually only paired against other quitters.”

Its an interesting idea but is ring fencing the quitters really the answer? Or will this simply punish gamers who have poor levels of connectivity where they live?

 Let us know your thoughts on rage quitting by hitting the comments field.

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