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Demo Details


We’ve had several emails today from anonymous sources revealing details about the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup next-gen demo – all seem to be saying the same things, so although this is an unofficial news update, it seems to be genuine.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’ve chosen an in-game shot of Diego Maradona to represent this news item… His name is an anagram of “Demo Road Again”.


Apparently, you’ll be able to play a friendly game – with the commentary/crowd setup set to “Group Stage”, if you remember those tournament options for friendly games in Euro 2008 – as Italy or Spain only.

The stadium will be set to Durban Stadium, with the weather set to sunny. You will be able to play a full game of two halves, but with half lengths set to 2 minutes (booooo). There is commentary included in the download, which is around 1gb.

An interesting development is that some teams will have alternate home/away kits. For example, Spain have a home and away kit, then an alternate home kit (red with a black stripe across the front), and an alternate away kit too.

You can select every difficulty except for legendary, which is locked. You can also change which camera you use – the co-op cam from Euro 2008 is back and better than ever (please keep this in for FIFA 11 EA, we’re told it rivals the wide cam from PES).

We’re told that graphically, the game looks amazing in motion – mainly down to the new lighting. There’s a few new faces here and there and the managers look spectacular, but the new lighting makes everything look 100% better, even if it isn’t an overhaul.

And there you have it! We still don’t have a release date but we’re pretty sure that if it’s not this Thursday, it’ll be next Thursday. So until then, hope this has made a good read!

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