Destination Destiny: Top Ten Things Learnt From The Destiny 2 Reveal


Bungie finally revealed Destiny 2 to the world and we were in melt down with an overload of information. Here are our top ten things we learnt from the Destiny 2 reveal

New Subclasses

Three new subclasses were revealed during the gameplay reveal,

Arcstrider for Hunters, you now have a staff of electricity that you can use to strike down opponents and twist your way through the air, like a ninja.

Sentinel for Titans – Use a shield to defend against and attack your enemies in try Titan fashion.

And the Dawnblade for Warlocks – combust into flames and rain down projectiles onto your enemies

Each of them have new abilities and a new way to play as your favourite characters.

New Weapon Slots/changes to weapons

Weapon slots have been overhauled. We no longer have Primary, Special and heavy weapons, now they have been replaced by  kinetic, energy and power weapon slots. Kinetic and Energy weapons are a combination of Primary weapons and sidearms, along with some new weapons like SMG’s but energy weapons hold elemental damage. Power weapons are a mixture of special and heavy, with grenade launchers now in the game. Weapons also now have mod slots as seen in the vidocs.

Added Abilities

Guardians now have a third ability. So far we have seen that Warlocks can call on a rift to heal themselves and their fire team or a rift to increase damage akin to weapons of light. Titans can create walls and shields to hide behind, including a small wall then when in cover, automatically reloads your weapons. Hunters have a familiar ability, shade step, however there are not two uses, the original use to get away from enemies and another style which automatically reloads your active weapon.

Changes to PvP

The crucible is an area that has seen the most changes. All game types, including trials or Osiris are now 4v4. Time to kill on guardians has been increased and now you defeat guardians overwatch style instead of getting killing them, meaning you and your team mate can both get credit for the kill. When Guardians pop their super, they will take increased elemental  damage when shot with energy weapons of the same element). We’ve also seen some other interesting things in PvP gameplay that has been released, it appears over shields have reduced armour and shooting someone while they revive their team mate now resets the revive meter.

Story is focus

From the moment the reveal started we have seen that Bungie has taken on board that the story is important. What are we fighting for?! Destiny 2 has the clearest plot for a story since the taken king and it looks to be at the forefront of bungies thoughts. From cut scenes to interactive moments, such as Zavala joining in the fight and helping to shield you, there is more narrative than ever before.

New planets/environments

We have four new environments to explore and 3 of them are on brand new planets. Titan, Io, Nessus and the European Dead Zone on Earth. While these areas are brand new you’ll see similar elements as planets such as nessus, the planet Cayde is hiding out on, which has been taking over by the vex and Io which is a moon orbiting off Jupiter. Io is also a the last planet to be touched by the traveller before the collapse making it sacred to Warlocks like Ikora. Titan will also play an important part in Destiny 2 as Zavala feels there to recover from the traumatic events of Homecoming.

Clans/guided games

Perhaps one the biggest and much needed changes, Bungie have brought clans into the game and have made them relevant. You can earn rewards for playing while being part of a clan and by completing challenges.

Guided games are the game changer. Bungie have brought matchmaking to the end game activities but in their own way with clans. As a clan you can search for players to join you for a raid, nightfall or trials of Osiris. Or as a solo player you can search for a clan to join to so those activities. You can personalise your clan in order to portray the style of clan you are to help guardians choose to join you or not.

Changes to stats

Gone are the struggle of building the perfect tier 12 build of armour. Now we purely have agility, recovery and armour, the old subclass stats, across the entirety of your character. This is determined by perks on your armour, such as gauntlets that allow you move faster increasing your agility.

4K 30FPS for PS4 Pro

PC fans will be very happy while console fans may not be on this point. Destiny 2 on PC will have an uncapped frame rate while consoles will have 30fps. This comes as a major disappointment to a lot of console gamers but according to Destiny 2 Game director, Luke Smith, the PS4 Pro specifically just could not handle the game in 60FPS. However, PC gamers will also be rejoicing as Activision is bringing D2 to their format.

Changes to Supers

Guardians have multiple ways to use their Supers. Sentinels can use their shields to attack enemies close range or distance and defend their allies where as the Dawnblade can fire down swords of fire from the sky or attack on the ground with a melee style attack while also being able to slam down from the sky. Super abilities have changes from attacks that, with a few exceptions, are over in an instant, to a flurry of versatile attacks. Golden Gun can be used up to 6 times and Fist of Havoc can be used to slam on multiple opponents or just smash them with an electric charge.

Let us know what you think about the changes and news for Destiny 2 in the comments below!

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