Destiny 2 – Complete Guide To Public Events


Need to know the finer details of Public Events and how to trigger the Heroic versions? We’ve got your back.

Destiny 2 Public Events are events that occur on the patrol maps that everyone in the area can simply join and participate in to earn a chest on completion. Compared to the first game, these Public Events are quite rewarding, allowing you the chance at rare gear, legendary and exotic engrams and XP that can go towards Bright Engrams and leveling. These events have two versions; regular and Heroic. Whilst the regular version can be solo’d, the heroic usually takes a few Guardians to get done. In this guide we’ll run through exactly what you’ll need to do to complete events, how to activate the Heroic versions and a few other tips that’ll help you get the most out time patrolling.


Streamline The Grind

To take part in an event, it’s pretty simple – you just waltz into the area and start shooting. However, there are a few things that’ll squeeze a bit more out of time when participating. Here’s a few things worth knowing…

  1. Each of the four planetary locations have Public Events, but if you’re grinding and want to make the most out of your time, the EDZ and Nessus have the most events and come more frequently, so go to these planets and make use of the fast travel mechanic.
  2. Speaking of fast travel, if you get to an event and you’re alone, simply fast travelling from the Director to the same location again will load you into a new instance of the game, and more often than not land you in one with other people taking part.
  3. Use your boost medallions, obtainable from Tess Everice at your social hub. Public Events are great XP and not only will these boost your leveling, they’ll also get you more Bright Engrams to decrypt.
  4. Before each event starts there’s a flag at the event’s location. By walking up to it and initiating ‘Rally The Flag’ you’ll fully charge all your super and abilities.
  5. Fast Travel!! (Yes, this again). Sometimes if you get an event done quickly you can once again fast travel to the same location and on the odd occasion you might find that the event is still going on in another instance, allowing you to catch the end and get another quick reward!

Public Events and Heroic Public Events

Ether Resupply Public Event

In this event you’ll need to destroy the Prime Ether Servitor, the giant purple ball that’s spitting space magic at you, whilst fending of other Fallen enemies. After a short time a smaller Servitors will spawn and shield the big one. You’ll need to kill all of these smaller Servitors before you can continue damage on the main boss. Every now and then you may get teleported to a random location or way up into the sky, so make sure you save you jumps for when you’re near the ground to avoid damage. Once the large Servitor is destroyed you’ll complete the event.

Heroic Version – During one of the waves of enemies, three small Servitors will spawn to protect the boss. Kill all three quickly and you’ll activate the Heroic version of the event.

Glimmer Extraction Public Event

For the Glimmer Extraction Event you’ll be killing marked Fallen enemies at several locations whilst they attempt to mine glimmer. Kill everything at each location and you’ll complete the event.

Heroic Version – Don’t kill all the enemies straight away! At each location you’ll see a small refinery that appears at each location that’s spitting out glimmer. Destroy these first each time, and after the third time you’ll trigger the Heroic version. Once activated you’ll need to protect a pile of glimmer from incoming Fallen until it reaches 100% to finish.

Destroy The Arsenal Walker Public Event

Here you’ll find a large Spider Tank that’ll need to be destroyed. To do so shoot the legs to weaken it, at which point it’ll open up it’s neck and will become immune to damage anywhere but on the new neck opening. Whilst it is in this state it’ll also drop several arc charges which can be deposited in machines either side of the three shields that have spawned. Once a sheild’s two machines has been fed with an arc charge, it’ll disappear and let you grab a scorch cannon to help defeat the Walker.

Heroic Version – Unlock all of the scorch cannons and you’ll unlock heroic, which will then spawn a second Walker. Defeat both walkers to complete the event.

The Witches’ Ritual Public Event

Two wizards will spawn with protective shields. To kill them you must stand on the plates to remove their shields first.

Heroic Version – During the fight two crystals will spawn in the top right and top left of the portal which you’ll need to shoot to start the Heroic – they’re also shielded so don’t forget to stand on the plates. Once done a champion will spawn for you to defeat and complete the event.

Cabal Excavation Public Event

In the event you’ll be tasked with overriding the Mining Lander and you can do so by staying in the capture area and defeating enemies until the timer is up. Watch out for air strikes, they really hurt… really.

Heroic Version – Twice during the event a ship will fly in close by. Defeat the ship to unlock the Heroic event which then spawns Excavator Valus for you to kill.

Injection Rig Public Event

This one can be quite tough if you don’t have many Guardians in the area, so try the Fast Travel tip mentioned earlier until you have a group. First an Infiltrator Psion will spawn, you’ll need to kill him. After that a giant shield will spawn that burns everything inside including you, so evacuate to safety until it is gone. Once it’s safe, hop back inside and repeat for another two Psions and then Valus will be back for you to kill and complete the event.

Heroic Version – Instead of immediately evacuating when the dome starts burning, shoot the newly opened vent at the top of the rig until you see smoke as a sign of it being destroyed. It’s pretty tough to get alone so focus fire, or save some power ammo to get it down quickly. Once you’ve done it, repeat the Psion process as normal. Each time you defeat one you’ll need to shoot another vent; one a little lower than the first and another at the bottom of rig’s centre core. Once three vents are down the Heroic will trigger and you can defeat the boss to complete.

Taken Blight Public Event

A large immune blight ball will appear, to defeat it you simply have to kill enemies around the area to do it damage and complete the event.

Heroic Version – Instead of killing the enemies, jump into the blight dome that’s near the blight ball to receive a ‘Blight Receding’ buff that lasts a few seconds. With this buff you can now do damage to the main blight. Keep jumping in the dome to get the buff and continue damaging the main blight until you spawn the Blightmaker. Kill him to complete the Heroic event.

Disrupt Vex Constructiont Public Event

Defend the middle machine from incoming Vex who’re trying to steal Intergrations – you have 10 and if they steal them all before the timer ends the event will fail.

Heroic Version – The Heroic version will be triggered by plates similar to Destiny 1’s Vault of Glass mechanics. There will be Vex plate rings on the ground that you must stand inside and capture to 100%. Throughout the fight, three of these rings will spawn that once captured and all intergrations defended, the Heroic will be activated. Once you’ve done that, continue to fight enemies until the end.

Good luck, Guardians!

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