Destiny 2 – Xur Inventory and Location Week 10



Xur has arrived! This week you’ll find him on Titan, and he’s carrying the Hard Light (Auto Rifle), Lucky Raspberry (Hunter Chest), Synthoceps (Titan Arms),  Karnstein Armlets (Warlock Arms).

A lot of the exotics we’re seeing in Destiny 2’s early life seem to evolve around melee attacks and ability regeneration boosts. The Karnstein Armlets and the Synthoceps are another example of that, which although does have some uses doesn’t get us particularly excited in the ways other exotics perks might. However there’s clearly some PvP and PvE benefits from the Karnsteins and who doesn’t like running around slapping people in the face and potentially getting their health back? The Synthoceps also grant some melee bonus, but Titans wearing these won’t enjoy health benefits – more so damage boosts (when surrounded) and extended lunge range. Lucky Raspberry brings some boost to the arcbolt grenade on arguably the Hunter’s weakest class – it is a goodun though. It’ll chain further and give you a chance of getting the grenade back again straight away.


Okay, so this week there wasn’t any really stand out choice, with perhaps the Karnsteins coming in a close second for their ultra handy health-regen. However, I’m giving it to the Hard Light auto rifle. After spending 3 years gathering dust in guardian’s Destiny 1 vaults, it’s transition to Destiny 2 has been a good one. With selective choice on which energy you use, a decent TTK and of course, those endlessly bouncy bullets that anyone in a confined space dreads the sight of, Hard Light has finally found it’s place. Shame it took this long.

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