Destiny 2 – Xur Inventory and Location Week 13


 Xur, what have you done?!

Xur has arrived! This week you’ll find him on the EDZ, and he’s carrying the Prometheus Lens (Trace Rifle), The Dragon’s Shadow (Hunter Chest), Mk. 44 Stand Asides (Titan Legs),  Nezarec’s Sin (Warlock Helm).

Before we all get melted by laser beams, let’s quickly address one of the new exotics returning from Destiny 1 in the Curse of Osiris DLC that Xur is holding this week. A perfect run and gun Titan combo, the Mk. 44 Stand Asides grant an over-shield when sprinting at full health with Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, or Shield Bash equipped. Using those abilities will then recharge some of your melee ability. Whilst I haven’t given this a full test yet, that does sound fun as hell, with some possible usage for PvP, too.

LOOT OF THE WEEK – Prometheus Lens

So it’s been a rough few weeks over the DLC period for Bungie, compounded by a game-breaking gun that they recognised as being shipped with a bug that’s being addressed on the Tuesday update. However, instead of cancelling Trials of the Nine (their end game PvP mode) this weekend, they decided to just let everyone have it. This gun has a face melting time-to-kill time, so if you want to capture some of the Destiny magic that inevitably comes with awful balancing, this is your time. Go get it, Guardians.

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