Destiny 2 – Xur Inventory and Location Week 15


 Merry Xurmas!

Xur has arrived! This week you’ll find him on Titan, and he’s carrying the Risk Runner (SubMachine Gun), Lucky Pants (Hunter Legs), Doom Fang Pauldron (Titan Arms),  Wings of Sacred Dawn (Warlock Chest).

This week there’s sadly not a great deal to shout about, but for those looking to complete collections, this may your lucky week. Wings of Sacred Dawn and the Doom Fang Pauldron have both been heavily features in Xurs loot chest; neither will set your world on fire apart from providing a bit experimental fun. Lucky Pants got a strange rework with the patch, so gone is the accuracy on first shot buff. In place of it, precision hits will reload a single round to stowed hand cannons – how useful is that? Well, I think I preferred the original perk! Never fear though, the Fated Engram has your back… maybe.

LOOT OF THE WEEK – Risk Runner

It’s true, the Risk Runner submachine gun is very situational, but if you’re in the right situation it absolutely melts groups of enemies. By taking Arc damage you’ll not only resist more incoming arc damage, but the gun will become more powerful and chain energy back through the enemies. Equip it during the Exodus Crash strike – you can thank me later. Have a great Christmas!

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