Destiny 2 – Xur Inventory and Location Week 16


 Last of the year!

Xur has arrived! This week you’ll find him on Nessus, and he’s carrying the Vigilance Wing (Pulse Rifle), Foetracer (Hunter Helm), Peacekeepers (Titan Legs),  Eye of Another World (Warlock Helm).

Hope you’ve all had an amazing holiday period – sadly Xur’s still stuck in a retail job so he’s straight back to work up on his favourite tree. We’re starting to see repeats as the loot-loop sets in so no doubt you’ve already got a bunch of these exotics already. However, if you’ve just joined the fun over Christmas you’ll be pleased to know there’s some goodies worth having here. Foetracer is one of the best Hunter armour pieces around for extra weakened-enemy damage and some sweet PvP tracking. Peacekeepers aren’t all that practical – unless you like double sub machine guns, then OH BABY! Eye of Another World has been Xur’s favourite thing to bring it seems, which is okay as it’ll keep those abilities ticking over nicely!

LOOT OF THE WEEK – Vigilance Wing

One of the few guns to wreck in PvP on all platforms thanks to it’s 5-round pulse of bullets, plus it’s not bad to look at either if you digged that Osiris vibe that’s been going around lately!

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