Destiny 2 – Xur Inventory and Location Week 19


 Tower bound

Xur has arrived! This week you’ll find him in the TOWER, and he’s carrying the Tractor Cannon (Shotgun), Knucklehead Radar (Hunter Helm), Actium War Rig (Titan Chest),  Transversive Steps (Warlock Legs).

We’ve had a bit of dry spell, but if you’re looking to bulster your new collection with cool (and practical) exotics, then this might just be the week for you. Knucklehead Radar has been a favourite in Destiny 2 for it’s permanent radar display – perfect for PvP. We’ve also spoke about Actium Rig’s auto rifle reloading perks  before; combine this with a large sized magazine auto rifle like the Sweet Business and you’ll be shooting bullets for days. Transversive Steps are also a very solid PvP option with it’s perks ‘sprinting movement speed is increased and energy weapons are automatically reloaded.’ –  a Trials mode favourite for those who like to get involved!

LOOT OF THE WEEK – Tractor Cannon

This shotgun won’t be in your Raid or Trials bag, but man it can be good, silly fun. In strikes or in regular PvP, charge towards your enemy and knock them continuously off ledges and into walls. Like I said, not the most powerful gun in the game for sure but you’ll definitely get a few laughs out of this, which makes it Xur’s gun of the week for me.

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