Destiny 2: Year 3 Wants/Speculation


Fresh off the announcement of Season of Opulence, Bungie surprised us all by inviting us to hear about the future of Destiny 2 just two days after they release their latest content drop and raid. Many were expecting to hear news at E3 but Bungie has decided to do things their way, a theme we expect to continue since their split with Activision.

On the 6th June we will be seeing their vision for the future of Destiny 2, one with no outside influence or interference. Bungie are on their own on this one and what comes will be entirely on their shoulders. Success or failure. We are obviously in the dark at the moment on what is to come but with less than a week to come we can’t help but speculate a little bit…


This has got to be the biggest ask from the Destiny community since the PC version launched shortly after Destiny 2’s release. We found out earlier this year that it was Playstation that had nixed any potential cross save functionality, however with the dramatic shift in their position over the last few months, could we see a change here as well?

Cross save feels much more likely than cross play. Despite the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trailer revealing cross play between XB1, PS4 and PC, the idea of putting Guardians using controller vs those using keyboard and mouse is still a worrying concern. Cross save feels much more likely (if either are considered) as Bungie can potentially make more money and it will appease the player base who either want to move to PC, but don’t want to start over again, or those who have already moved but want to return to console to play with their past fireteams!


The rumours at the moment are that Destiny 2’s third year will follow a very familiar path to it’s second. A fall expansion (one slightly smaller than Forsaken, think Rise of Iron not The Taken King), followed by another annual pass. A model that has had a mixed reception. While some of the seasons were better than others, we’ve had more content than we’ve ever had before and I think it’s a been a more positive experience than most expected.

If this were to happen again, I think it would keep guardians happy enough until the expected (but not confirmed) Destiny 3.


Now that Bungie and Activision have split, a big question has been, where will Bungie get their money from? Well, they recently had a very large investment from the Chinese gaming company NetEase. But the thoughts are that this was for a new IP.

Eververse seems to be the way Bungie will continue to bring in more money to help them progress. It’s already prominent but this past season Bungie experimented with exclusive ornaments, ships, ghost, sparrows and emotes for Silver, the currency that can only be bought with real money. It was about one of each and the majority of those items are either earned in game or through bright engrams and bright dust.

I can see this approached being continued and built upon going into Season 7 and into year 3 of the game.


By core Destiny updates, I mean something that was spoken about by various community members. Strikes, Crucible, Nightfalls etc. These modes have all been in Destiny since the start but feel stale right now due to no new strikes or PvP maps for a very long time. The meta changes but the incentives to play the modes are minimal.

We saw a lot of reprised PvP maps from Destiny 1 and I think more of that plus a few new ones can really help freshen things up for the crucible. Crucible Labs was a thing too for a while and now it seems like it’s… not. We would love to see that come back and experiment with more “fun” modes.

As well as that, give us some more and unique strikes! We should get the Playstation exclusive strike introduced to XB and PC players in Y3 but one new strike just isn’t enough. Hopefully Bungie has seen this feedback and gives us more incentives to play.


Since the end of the initial Destiny 2 campaign we’ve had teases of triangular ships seemingly on their way to our solar system. We then saw much more about them in Forsaken and then in the latest annual pass drop, Season of the Drifter, the lore machine went into overdrive and we learnt that this threat is imminent.

While we don’t expect to see them in Y3 of Destiny 2, it’s to be expected that we’ll see the final stages of the teases before we actually confront this future enemy in Destiny 3 and beyond.


The future is in Bungie’s hands here and there is nothing to hold them back. There is a buzz about the game that I haven’t felt in a while, but there are no more excuses either.

The team in Seattle are incredibly talented and I believe I speak for all fans of the game when we say we’re all rooting for them to live up to the potential that Destiny has displayed since it was first announced.

You’ve read what we are hoping for/expecting in next weeks reveal, what do you think? Let us know in the comments what you want to see!

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