Destiny, Defeat, Crota… Drum Kit!?


The first 3 words of this post title are tags that you fully expect to see when people search Destiny on YouTube. The 4th… not so much!

One Twitch user, GladHeAteHer182, has decided that he is too good at playing Destiny the usual way. Just for funs, he has defeated one of the hardest boss’ in the game. Not only by himself, but using a Rock Band Drum Kit instead of a Gamepad!

The drumming itself won’t be worrying the likes of Dave Grohl, but the completion of such a challenge is worth taking note of. Check out the video below!


GladHeAteHer182 writes an understated YouTube description; “This was LOTS of fun though“… I don’t know about you but I’d be doing the rock star equivalent of smashing a guitar on the stage had I accomplished this!

Source gamesradar


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