"God of War III" video review


With the God of War III embargo being lifted today, tons of reviews have been hitting the net as gaming sites around the world want to show everyone exactly why God of War III is a system seller and why its going to be one of the biggest selling titles of 2010 but the main reason is to tell everyone how damn good this game is!.

Once the Embargo was lifted at 5pm, didn’t take too long to get their video and written review posted on their site and for PS3 gamers all across the world, the more God of War III, the better so with a choice of either a video and written review, its clearly the best of both worlds!

One part of the written review from that seems to be said by most sites that have reviewed God of War III is just how epic and technically breathtaking God of War III is to look at and also the sheer size of the world in which Kratos runs riot –

Without question, God of War III sets the new gold standard for action games, clearing and then raising the near-impossible bar that was set by its previous installments. For many years to come, this will be the game by which all others in the genre are compared, and I suspect we won’t see anything like it for quite some time. If God of War III was the reason you bought a PS3, your purchase has been justified and then some. If you’re looking to show off the power of your console, this is your new showcase — it’s an experience that simply can’t be missed.

God of War III really is looking like one of the best titles that have been produced for a very long time indeed. Yes its not changed or reinvented the genre as such but when a series like God of War that had a huge success on the Playstation 2, why change something thats not broke? just add to it and make it the most epic, brutal and one of the most damn right beautiful titles we have seen for a very long time indeed and fantastic gameplay to boot. Hats off to Sony Santa Monica for that!

To view’s video review, click the video below –

Also if you would like to read their more in depth written review click here.

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