Deus Ex Gameplay Director 'Sorry' For Boss Fights


Francois Lapikas, gameplay director of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has apologised for the overly difficulty boss fights in the game.

Speaking to Game Informer at GDC, the director had admitted that the team should of spent a lot more time and effort on the bosses.

“[The boss fights] were a big part of the game, and we should have put more effort into them. I’m truly sorry about that. Next time we’re gonna think about it more,” 

The director explained how the boss fights were there as a  “thing to break up the pacing more than a way to test the player’s skill” which is the case that most games follow when designing boss battles.

Initial play tests did flag the boss fights up as a problem, but the full severity wasn’t known until the game was released. The development team believed the weapons and ammo in each battle would make up for the difficulty level.

What are your thoughts? Did you find the bosses too hard? Let us know via the comments section below.

Source: CVG

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