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Its common knowledge now that 3D is on the way, whether you like it or not. Personally i never experienced anything in 3D, so i cant say whether its a good or bad thing, but it seems the general feel around the web is just a lack of interest more than anything. People dont seem excited about the aspect. Either way the new viewing experience is rumored to be on its way to the PlayStation 3 as early as this Summer, supposedly in the form of a Firmware Update. Sounds very straightforward, but we have to remember its all fine and dandy to have 3D on the PS3 but its no good without a 3D enabled TV, which is going to cost a lot of money, and also alot of people have forked out alot of money to get a HD TV, so they’re not going to be running out to get a 3D TV anytime soon.

Either way, if it does come this summer, Ian Bickerstaff, senior engineer with SCE’s UK-based 3D team, is pleased with how Developers have welcomed the new application:

“We’re taking a cautious approach”, he said. “I think [3D gaming uptake is] going to depend on the uptake of 3D televisions. “We’re not going to spend crazy, crazy amounts of money expecting everyone tomorrow to have 3D TVs, clearly, but, we believe this is the future, and three or four years from now, you won’t be able to buy a television that doesn’t have a 3D capability.

“It’s all a bit confidential, but a lot [are working on these games], let’s put it that way. We’ve been amazed by the enthusiasm from the developers.

“To be honest, we have not had an internal project to throw at people to make their games in 3D, yet there are loads of games in 3D, like [MLB 10], Super Stardust HD, that look fantastic, and so on. And that’s really just because of the enthusiasm from the developers themselves.”

So it sounds encouraging for fans of the 3D introduction and we may well see it come as early as this Summer, only time will tell but we wll keep you updated.

Thanks to VG247.

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