Developers of Backbreaker speak out


Some say its a rival to the Madden series but some say although its the same sport, its a totally different ball game because of the way it works with its ‘live’ feel that makes the game fresh and new due to the fact that the plays within the game are random and wont get repeated. Chuck in the Euphoria engine as good measure and you could be on to a winner (thats the plan anyway). Yes its technically the same sport but it really could open up the way we play sports games and not just American Football titles if other sports developers jump on board the Euphoria Engine route.

The trouble with the Madden series is that its not exactly had any major competition as of yet but from seeing the video below, that could be about to change. The Euphoria engine could work like a dream in this game and lets hope so as the game is looking very promising indeed.

The game is set for release on May 21st 2010 in the UK but this is subject to change.

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