Devolver Digital Reveal EGX Rezzed Line-up


Devolver Digital have revealed the line-up of titles that they will be showcasing at the Eurogamer Rezzed event.

The line-up, which also includes the highly anticipated Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, includes:

  • Enter the Gungeon (Dodge Roll Games) – PC/PS4 – Become one of several Gungeoneers each haunted by their past and looking for a brighter tomorrow, as you Enter the Gungeon. You’re on the hunt for a gun more powerful than time itself – it can kill the past – through hand-designed chambers that constantly evolve into a labyrinth of un-holstered firepower. First hands-on in Europe? You betcha.
  • NOCT (c3sk) – PC – Scarier than coming home to your dog wearing clown make-up, NOCT’s fresh brand of top-down, minimalist survival horror/shooter is making its big debut in Europe at Rezzed.
  • RONIN (Tomasz Waclawek) – PC – Katanas, grappling hooks, sumptuous stealthy gameplay and motorcycle helmets await players in this turn-based ninja tale of revenge. Announced at PAX South to mad buzz, this is RONIN’s first ever showing in Europe.
  • Titan Souls (Acid Nerve) – PC/PS4/Vita – Between our world and the world beyond lie the Titan Souls, the spiritual source and sum of all living things. For the final public showing of the game before in launches on PC, PS4 & PS Vita, Acid Nerve will be on hand to laugh at your pitiful attempts to defeat the demo.
  • Not A Hero (Roll7) – PC/PS4/Vita – Featuring a smorgasbord of running, gunning and sliding action, Not A Hero is a 2¼D cover-based shooter that has absolutely no qualms with handing you your own ass the minute you peek out from cover on PC & PS4, this summer.
  • The Talos Principle (Croteam) – PC/PS4 – Critical acclaimed, soon-to-be-classic and on its way to PS4 this year, this is your chance to stand at a video game expo looking confused in front of your friends while everyone that already finished it on PC laughs behind your back.
  • Broforce (Free Lives) – PC/PS4 – Currently in beta and is available through Steam Early Access and Humble Store, the world of Broforce is constantly expanding with monthly updates that include new areas, new bros, new enemies, and even coconuts. And bees. Oh, and little pigs that you can ride. At Rezzed there’s going to be ALIENS. It’s coming to PS4 this year.
  • A Fistful of Gun (FarmerGnome) – PC – The frantic, top-down arcade shooter and second best cowboy game ever made arrives on British shores following its debut at PAX Prime last year. 11 unique gunslingers await you and your posse in local and co-op modes of up to eight bandits. GIT SOME!
  • Hatoful Boyfriend (Mediatonic) – PC/PS4/Vita

Let us know if you will be looking out for the above titles via the comment section below.

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