Diablo 3 Beta Finish Date + Novel Revealed


Blizzard have confirmed that the beta for their upcoming highly anticipated title, Diablo 3 will finish on May 1st,  2 weeks before it is launched for the PC on May 15th.

Blizzard have also announced that a novel which will be titled Diablo III: The Order will be released in all good book stores on May 15th alongside the release of the game. The book will follow “Deckard Cain’s quest to find the Horadrim, years before the events of the game” 

The official description can be seen below:

“Deckard Cain is the last of the Horadrim, the sole surviving member of a mysterious and legendary order. As Cain searches for the lost members of his order, he is thrust into an alliance with an unlikely ally: Leah, an eight-year-old girl feared by many to carry a diabolical curse. What is her secret? How is it tied to the prophesied End of Days? And if there are other living Horadrim, will they be able to stand against oblivion? These are the questions Deckard Cain must answer… before it’s too late.”

Will you be getting the Diablo 3 novel alongside the game once it is released? Let us know via the comment section below.

Source: CVG

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