Diablo III PS4 To Feature Touchpad UI Navigation


Blizzard have revealed plans to implement Touchpad UI Navigation in their upcoming PlayStatiojn 4 version of Diablo III.

Speaking about the upcoming next-gen console, director John Hight stated:

“For us, the thing that’s exciting about the new console is actually the controller. That’s where it all begins, that’s where you develop that relationship with your character on the screen. One of the things that we’re excited about with the controller is the touch pad. Diablo is a pretty deep game, and we don’t like a lot of overload on the buttons, we wanted to keep it really simple so that you can get to the things that you need to get to fast. We think the touch pad’s going to give us a lot more opportunity to make that interface a lot easier.”

Lead console designer Josh Mosqueir also added:

“We now have a different way that the player can interact with the game. For a game like Diablo 3 that has a lot of cool inventory things you’re doing, just the possibility of the track pad is really exciting and we really can’t wait to dive into it and make it as awesome as we can.”

A new video has also  been released. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section  below.


Source: CVG

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