Dishonored 'The Tales from Dunwall’ Episode 2


Bethesda have released episode 2 of three of ‘The Tales from Dunwall’ video series of their upcoming title, Dishonored.

This series was created in order to give gamers a first-hand glimpse into the shadowy whaling world of the game’s location, Dunwall, where plague is rampant and the city is in disarray and on the verge of dystopia.

The second episode comes as a cautionary tale which is one that illustrates the advantages, and the dangerous disadvantages, of accepting supernatural abilities from The Outsider.  Episode 2 can be seen below and once you have watched, be sure to give us your thoughts via the comment section below.


Dishonored will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in North America on October 9 ,in Australia on October 11 and throughout Europe on October 12.

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