Documentation for a Wireless SNES controller has been found


Compatible with Nintendo Switch

A chap over on Resetera has uncovered the greatest discovery of the century day – a wireless SNES controller which connects to your Switch.

Why’s this exciting? Well, as you may know, you can grab a couple of wireless NES controllers as part of your Nintendo Online Subscription (at a cost). Buying these lets you fully immerse yourself in Nintendo’s virtual library of NES games. Therefore, if we put two and two together, this discovery could well mean that SNES games are finally on the way to the Switch’s virtual console!

Everything is pointing towards SNES games coming to the Switch’s virtual console library, especially after the recent announcement of some barrel-scraping unknowns landing in the NES library at the tail end of this month. It would also make sense that Nintendo would like to offer a similar bundle of controllers for subscribers once the virtual library has been updated to include SNES games because money.

Nothing is confirmed but it’s looking highly likely that SNES games are coming to your Switch, soon! Are you looking forward to playing slightly better-looking NES games but decidedly lesser-looking Switch games? Let us know!

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