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Does Blog Pic Give Clues To What The Future Holds?


No sooner has the PES Blog been launched, fans are already hyper analyzing every word and trying to guess what each sentence means. But not all of you have. Two forum members, Reddwarf and Lionhart, have skimmed the words and spotted a nugget of info in one of the pics from the blog. Look at the header, and see if you can spot it!

To the right of a smiling Jon Murphy, you can see a laptop opened up showing off some sort of logo. The text on the screen appears to say ‘PES WANTS YOU‘. Its certainly got many people talking. Is it just a nice sign to have in the background, or is it a new Konami slogan for the PES 2010 campaign? It could also be more than a mere slogan, and be the gateway to a site where all PES fans can leave their feedback and ideas officially. While we were thinking and contemplating, a sharper than your average fan checked out the slogan on a domain checker site (here). It revealed that the domain name has recently been purchased from a constituency in Germany, called Konami 😉

Now some of you fans will know that Germany just happens to be the country that homes Konami’s European HQ. We’ll have to wait for official confirmation, but it looks like Reddwarf and Lionhart have unearthed something special. Guess we’ll know soon enough.

Just goes to show how eager the fans are for news!

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