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Does PES 2010 Have Response Issues?


Does the header pic look familiar?

I wrote the post back in May, talking about how mo-cap could have an adverse effect on the responsive nature of PES. Fast forward to today, and posts upon posts on the boards have been flooding in stating that response times in PES 2010 have taken a turn for the worse.

Whilst it might be big of me to try and insinuate its mo-cap thats caused this (when its not overall), it is clear PES 2010 has some issues ending new animations quickly and starting others. Then there’s other problems people have with actions happening soon after a button is pressed to pass or shoot. Overall then, a vocal disapproval.

I’ve come out and said that recent code has refined and tweaked this problem, although the difference isn’t night and day. After playing a lot of the PS2 games this weekend its clear its not something we have had to deal with 3/4 years ago. For that reason I want you guys to have your say, and let us know if its a common problem for all, or something many have grown used to and accepted.

Let us know here.


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